Search with Prospect

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Quickly find a prospect's contact information and social media profile by searching for their name and location to stay up-to-date on potential leads, as well as to find new prospects to reach out to.

Search with Prospect

Search for New Prospects Easily and Efficiently

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prospect designation

Prospect Designation

Provides the ability to search for prospects based on their designations. You can use this to find prospects with a specific title or role within an organization.

prospect location

Prospect Location

You can find prospects based on their location. You can use this if you want to target prospects outside your region or within driving distance.

prospect industry

Prospect Industry

Provide users with the ability to search for prospects according to their industry.

What is Search with Prospect?

Using the "Search with Prospect" feature, you can search prospect's contact lists for a specific term or phrase, and then add prospects that match your search to a new or existing list. It can be useful if you want to quickly add a group of prospects to a list, or if you want to find out which prospects fit a specific criteria.

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