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Lead generation software helps you to quickly capture leads and convert them into customers.

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By generating leads, you can increase your sales pipeline and close more deals.

  • More opportunities to convert leads into customers

  • Greater insight into customer needs and wants

  • Increased brand awareness and recognition

  • Improved website traffic and visitor engagement

best lead generation

Search with Prospect

Find leads that match your search criteria quickly with prospect information and other details.

search with prospect
prospect designation

Prospect Designation

Users can narrow their search results by selecting only prospects with the desired designation. It is useful for finding prospects with a specific title or role.

prospect location

Prospect Location

It enables you to find prospects based on their location. This is useful if you want to target prospects in a specific area or if you want to find prospects who are close to your business.

prospect industry

Prospect Industry

Allow users to search for prospects by their industry. This is useful for finding potential customers in specific industries that may be interested in your products or services.

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Search with Company

Find leads by company name. This can be useful if you are targeting a specific company or prospects working therein.

search with company
company size

Company Size

Prospects can be found based on their company size. Using this method, you can target prospects who will benefit from your products or services.



Identify prospects in a particular industry from an extensive database.

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Technology Search

Stay one step ahead of your competition with information about the technologies used by your prospective clients.

technology search
prospective clients

Prospective Clients

You can make sure that your message is being sent to the individuals who are most likely to be interested by identifying your potential clients using certain criteria.

technology stack

Technology Stack

Depending on the technologies your ideal clients use or haven't tried, immediately create lists of qualified leads.

find emails

Find Emails

Obtain lists with tens of thousands of quality leads, email addresses from websites that you have selected, and a list of potential customers for your company.

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Website Search

Search for commonly used technologies by prospects across various companies to generate advanced leads.

website search
advanced lead generation

Advanced Lead Generation

Using advanced lead generation, you can track and measure your results to continually improve your campaigns.

find prospects

Find Prospects

Gain instant access to millions of decision-makers of the right companies to find your prospects.

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LinkedIn Search

Search for potential customers and clients on LinkedIn by using the filters that allow users to narrow down their search by location, industry, company size, and more.

linkedin search
search by account

Search by Account

Find the appropriate person to contact for lead creation by searching the LinkedIn URL of the potential firm.

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Advanced Search Filter

Search for your potential customer using advanced filters and get leads based on tech stack, company size, annual revenue, location and many more.

advanced search filter
search by title

Search by Title

Allows you to search within their LinkedIn network for specific titles. Finding someone with a specific skill set or job title can be useful for connecting.

search by industry

Search by Industry

Find professionals in the industry of interest and connect with them. Using the platform, you can connect with professionals who can offer advice and insights into their fields, which is a valuable tool for networking and career advancement.

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Create List

Create a list of potential customers that the team can target with their marketing campaigns by importing a list of contacts from a CRM or an email list, or manually adding contacts to the list.

create list
search by social media handle

Search by Social Media Handle

Utilize the search function to locate information about prospects and quickly export them to your CRM.

prospect list

Prospect List

You may locate "best match" potential customers for your product or service by using the prospect lists that correspond to your ideal buyer persona.

technology list

Technology List

Websites, business contacts, social media accounts, and other information are included in technology lists. Create and export unique reports depending on your industry, website traffic, and location for any web technology or term.

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Ensure that all your CRM records contain accurate prospect information and you get updates on when to contact them. Leads from multiple sources can be captured and sent to a single destination, where they can be viewed together.

data enrichment

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of adding additional data to a data set in order to improve its quality or to add new features. This can be done manually or through automated means.

custom outreach

Custom Outreach

Goal of custom outreach is to build relationships and engage with potential customers or clients in a way that is personal and tailored to them.

workflow management

Workflow Management

Keep improving your compliance processes and workflow organization to improve the effective productivity of your business growth.

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Leadsly can be seamlessly integrated with popular CRM platforms like HubSpot, Agile CRM, Salesforce, and more.

empower your crm

Empower your CRM

Get end-to-end control over your business processes by creating a workflow that details how each step of the process is completed using automation.

export lists

Export Lists

Export contacts in bulk from Leadsly to in-built applications like MailSend, and OutReachly.

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Search with Email

search with email
active emails

Active Emails

Get your lead's legitimate email in a matter of seconds by entering a contact's name, company name, or URL.

email from linkedin

Email from LinkedIn

Discover and seize hundreds of fresh LinkedIn leads in a matter of minutes using 100% verified company email addresses.

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Company Info

Find leads through company name and reach potential customers from a target company.

company info
company size

Company Size

Based on the size of their business, one can locate prospects. By using this technique, you can find potential customers who will value your goods or services.



Find potential customers in a specific industry. If you're seeking to target a certain industry, a database of prospects in that sector may be helpful.

business overview

Business Overview

Gives clients the chance to quickly understand a business, enabling them to quickly find potential leads and make choices based on that knowledge.

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