Best Lead Generation Software

Lead generation software helps you to quickly capture leads and convert them into customers.

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By generating leads, you can increase your sales pipeline and close more deals.

  • More opportunities to convert leads into customers

  • Greater insight into customer needs and wants

  • Increased brand awareness and recognition

  • Improved website traffic and visitor engagement

best lead generation software

Prospect Intelligence

Identify your ideal customers using precise criteria, you can make sure that your message is being delivered to the people who are most likely to be interested.

prospect intelligence
more accurate data

More accurate data

In addition to having a robust database with key contact details including up-to-date business emails. Leadsly helps you keep tabs on gathering data.

larger and more improved

Larger and more improved

Create a virtually limitless number of permutations of prospecting lists and contact groupings.

persona lookalike

Persona Lookalike

Create personas based on attributes that fit the specific audiences you are looking to target.

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Sales engagement and analytics

Identify new sales opportunities, assess customer needs and preferences, and track and analyze customer behavior.

sales engagement and analytics
automate and accelerate

Automate and Accelerate

Maximize efficiency and accelerate your sales pipeline by automating emails, calls, and tasks. Customize your engagement strategy with custom fields, safeguards, and automated rulesets.

automate and test your email outreach

Automate and Test Your Email Outreach

Engage your audience by adding a personal touch. You can choose from pre-defined personalization tokens or create custom fields. All from one dashboard, create customized, multi-step sequences.

task automation

Task Automation

Consider more than emails, calls, and task due dates when managing your team. Additionally, deeper research and information workflows can be optimized and automated. Equip your team with better information to build credibility and increase conversions

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Enrichment and Job Change Alerts

Ensure that all your CRM records contain accurate prospect information and inform you when to contact them. In this way, you can focus your time on the most promising leads and close more sales.

enrichment and job change alerts
data enrichment

Data enrichment

Got a lead with just a name and email? To help prepare for a call, would you like to know secondary and tertiary attributes? With Leadsly Data Enrichment, you can work with a full profile of information. Provide your sales team with all the information they need about a prospect to help them succeed.

job change alerts

Job change alerts

Receive notifications and alerts when designated contacts change jobs or get promoted. Capitalize on new business opportunities that come with managerial changes in target accounts!

flexible data application

Flexible data application

Allows users to connect and analyze data from multiple sources easily. Provide a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to create custom data applications

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Design of our data is meant to effortlessly plug into whatever tools you want to keep using while still offering the full value.

empower your crm

Empower your CRM

Get end-to-end control over your business processes by creating a workflow that details how each step of the process is completed using automation.



keep track of your campaigns,  where users can ask Gmail to send you an email each time a new batch of emails is sent.

prospect on linkedin

Prospect on LinkedIn

Great way to reach out to people you may not know and connect with them. It can also be used to research potential business partners, customers, or employers.

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Ensure that all your CRM records contain accurate prospect information and inform you when to contact them. Leads from multiple sources can be captured and sent to a single destination, where they can be viewed together.

data enrichment

Data enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of adding additional data to a data set in order to improve its quality or to add new features. This can be done manually or through automated means.

custom outreach

Custom outreach

Goal of custom outreach is to build relationships and engage with potential customers or clients in a way that is personal and tailored to them.

workflow management

Workflow management

Keep improving your compliance processes and workflow organization to improve the effective productivity of your business growth.

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