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Leadsly is an advanced lead generation software with a database of more than 715 million B2B leads. Leadsly comes with more than 50 filtering options so that you can get accurate leads based on prospects/company information and geo-location. Leadsly offers advanced search options like technology search and website search. A built-in email finder and 25+ CRM integrations make leadsly one of the best lead generation apps in the market.

Leadsly is a part of 500apps, a collection of All-in-One Suites covering all business functions to help you to grow like the Fortune 500. We offer 50 apps for a flat $14.99/user covering Sales, Marketing, HR & Ops, Developers, Collaboration, and Productivity.

Getting Started

getting started leadsly

  • Go to 500apps suite > Sales > Leadsly

When you log in to the Infinity suite with the registered email id, you will land on the first landing page.

  • To choose Leadsly, you can either click on Sales > Leadsly to enter into the Leadsly app.

  • If you have already used the app, you can choose Leadsly in the “Recent Accessed Apps” section.

getting started with leadsly

How to Find Prospects

As soon as you login into Leadsly, you’ll land on the “Prospect” page, you’ll find 6 major filters: Prospect Information, Prospect Geography, Prospect Social Media, Company Information, Company Geography, Company Social Media. All these filters enable you to find thousands of leads from your target market.

Advanced Filters


  • Select the filter which is the most suitable for your target prospects.
  • You can also choose multiple filters that will improve the accuracy of your leads.

Each of these 6 main filters has multiple sub-filters as well. Below is an image that shows the sub-filters under prospect information.


In the below image you can see that “Information Technology” was chosen as a filter under company info. Leadsly has 18419417 leads from the Information technology industry.


With the prospect data, you get the prospect’s First name, last name, company name, email address, phone number, and country. To get detailed information about prospects you can click on the prospect's name from the list of leads you got from the search. Below is an image that shows detailed information about a prospect.


Detailed information about prospects consists of almost everything you’ll ever need to connect and qualify prospects.

  • To view any email or phone number you can click on the eye icon beside the hidden phone number or email address.
  • 1 credit will be charged for every email/phone number viewed.


Search with Industry

Leadsly allows you to search for prospect companies based on their industry. You can select industry based upon your niche and Leadsly will give you leads from the same industry with prospect info and contact.

  • To search with industry click on prospects > click on company info > select industry filter > type the name of the industry.


  • As soon as you hit search, you get a list of thousands of prospects from your target industry.

search-with-industry 1

Search with Geography

To search for either companies or prospects from any location in the world you can use "Prospect geography" and "company geography" filters offered by Leadsly.


  • To search with prospect geography, click on prospect geography drop down.
  • Select from a variety of filters such as Locality, metro, region, country, continent, street address, postal codes and more.
  • Enter the name of the country, locality etc. and hit search.


Search with Social Media

Leadsly allows you to search for prospects and companies using their social profile links. You can input username, profile url, user id for twitter, linkedin and facebook profiles to extract prospects contact information.


Get Technology Info

Gain a competitive advantage in the market by getting information about the companies using your competitors’ products. Generate leads and find prospects who are looking for an opportunity to* switch from your compeltitor' product to yours.

Website Search

Website search can be used to find out about the various technologies that your prospective companies might be interested in or already using.

  • To find out the technologies being used by any of your prospect companies, select “websites” from Leadsly’s dashboard.
  • Enter the URL of the website in the search box.


Website search can also give you information about any competitor product that is being used by the prospect on their website. Below is an example of how the “website search” works.


Leadsly gives you information about the technology being used as well as the Page Rank and Alexa Rank of the particular technology URL.

Technology Search

Technology search can be used to generate a list of prospects that are using a particular technology.

  • To run a technology search select the “technologies” tab from the Leadsly dashboard.
  • Enter the name of the technology, eg: JAVA, Blockchain, Python, BPM, etc.


  • Click on search to get a list of companies.

Below is an example of a technology search,


Finding Emails

Once you click on search you’ll get a list of company domains along with options to find emails of prospects from that company.


Once you click on find email, Leadsly can find up to 50 emails from each domain.



These emails can be exported to your CRM, you can download them as CSV or even add them to a list on Leadsly itself.

  • To add all 50 emails to a list or CRM click on the “Add” button at the top of the list.
  • To export all emails at once click on “Export” at the top of the list.
  • To add an individual email to a list or CRM click on the “Add” button beside the respective email address.
  • Select the email list from the drop-down or select the integrated CRM app to which you export the email > click save.


In case you haven’t already created an email list you can click on “create new” and quickly create a list.


You can also choose the “list” tab from the Leadsly dashboard. And click on Add list.


Apps and Integrations

Leadsly integrates with more than 25 popular CRMs.


  • Select the app that you want to integrate with Leadsly* > Enter the API key and name (in some cases)


For a few Apps, you might need to add the subdomain as well as the email address, refer to the example below.


Some Apps can be integrated by only clicking on the Authorize button. Eg:


You can export any email that you found or verified on Leadsly to any of the integrated CRM.

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