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Use API calls for your database, systems, or app to access our robust data repository's significant capabilities.


Break Sales Records with API

Leadsly's API allows you to enrich any database, system, or app with accurate B2B contact and company information.

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data enrichment

Data enrichment

Get the data you need for individuals and organizations. To keep your data consistent and accurate, API calls can be used to update phone numbers, email addresses, company size, etc.

custom outreach

Custom outreach

Aside from managing data records, Leadsly's API allows you to automate even further your outreach efforts. Instead of manually clicking through the UI, modify existing sequences with API calls.

workflow management

Workflow management

Using Apollo's API, more experienced users can further customize their sales teams' workflows. update things like task priority, due date, custom fields, and more, all through our API.

What is API?

API stands for an application programming interface. It is a set of programming codes that enables data transmission between two software applications.

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